CNC Turning

Turning MachineInnovative Machining Services, LLC (IMS) is equipped with industry leading machining equipment and this state-of-the-art equipment allows us to meet even the most precise project specifications. With years of experience in this specialized field, IMS will deliver superior machined components and parts to meet your requirements.

CNC Turning:

IMS’ CNC turning services can create parts and components to fit extremely precise dimensions and requirements. Using computer-guided tools, the fabrication process is completed quickly and with supreme accuracy. We offer full-service CNC turning of a variety of materials, as well as CNC prototyping to ensure that the finished product will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our CNC Turning equipment capacity can hold up to a 14” diameter part.

We continually upgrade our equipment to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to give our customers the highest quality parts possible. For more information about our CNC turning capabilities please contact us at 518-688-0064 or at